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Junkstock is known for being one of the best vintage festivals in the country, but most people don’t know that it started as a small idea of a local dreamer and small business owner. No big corporation or out of town franchise here- just a love story from a gal who adores her community and wanted to make Omaha more fun and funkier. Sara Alexander, mother and co-founder of Junkstock, was the first in the country with the idea of mixing live music, food, and junk and she did it on an abandoned and overgrown farm in the heart of Omaha.

The farm has more than 100 acres of space with barns and stables converted into an antique-lover’s paradise. Another feature is more than 1,000 tons of gravel to help people from trudging through the dirt.

Nearly 200 vendors registered for this year’s show. Along with the antiques and vintage items, the shows also feature live music, food trucks and a bar.

Parking at the Junkstock farm is free. There’s no charge for kids 12 and under. And the event is pet friendly.


  • May 1-3 Postponed
  • June 19-21
  • October 2-4