Originally called The Grainery, this adventure started out on a whim, a prayer, and a hobby. We started doing Junkstock in April 2018 and haven’t looked back. We are now in business and started our next exciting adventure. We recently purchased an old gas station and have started remodeling to make it our dream workshop and studio. We will continue woodcrafting beautiful wall art and other home decor creations.

I have created  heirlooms and captured memories for clients by taking remnants of fallen barns and porches, then turning them into wall art for keepsakes.


I am a female woodworker, a mother, a wife, and a creative. I have always enjoyed craft and follow in my father’s interest of working with wood. I found myself very interested in home decor and design when I moved into my first place and wanted to put my own artistic style into the decor. 

When I am not standing in front of my saw, I spend time with my four-year old son, Ryder, and the rest of my family and friends. During the weekdays, I am a graphic designer with Fusebox Marketing. I am also President of the Kiron Heritage Association, member of the Kiron Community Club, and serve as a City Council Member. I live in rural Iowa and have a great tie to my small hometown of 263 people. I truly believe in volunteerism.